"Injecting Humor Into Healthcare" Humor is one of the most powerful ways to survive the challenges of the ever changing healthcare industry today.  If healthcare leaders and staff are willing to tap into this power, both their organizations and their patients will reap the benefits.  It's also a wonderful cure for Restless Leg Syndrome ."     Ron Culberson  

Ronald P. Culberson, MSW, CSP offers keynote addresses* and workshops* for all types of healthcare organizations. Unfortunately, his services do not include singing, group hugs, or graphic anatomical slides. They do include stories, practical information, inspiration and lots of hilarious humor.



For healthcare staff: Injecting Humor into Healthcare: The Positive Side Effects of Being Stuck by "Lighten"ing

  • Understand the intrinsic power of combining EXCELLENCE with humor

  • Eliminate the STRESS of juggling patient care, administrative duties and regulatory requirements

  • Create a powerful human CONNECTION to patients, families and staff using heart-felt humor

  • Tap into the CREATIVE power of humor by seeing things from a new perspective

  • Make your WORKPLACE more fun

For healthcare leaders: Managing Your Humor Resources: A New Level of Excellence for Healthcare Leadership

  • Take responsibility for achieving EXCELLENCE in their work

  • Understand the intrinsic power of combining excellence with HUMOR

  • Create a productive organizational CULTURE where fun and excellence coexist

  • Hire the right STAFF and REWARD them for the right things

  • Use humor to manage MEETINGS

  • Use humor, stories and authenticity to INSPIRE and MOTIVATE staff

*No animals are harmed in Ron's programs


Ronald P. Culberson, MSW, CSP
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"Injecting Humor Into Healthcare"

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