Simione Consultants, LLC
Our team of consultants is recognized nationally as innovators and leaders in the hospice industry. Success in Hospice requires an understanding of its uniqueness when compared to other home care market segments.

The hospice consultants of Simione Consultants have gained that understanding from years of hands on experience in all aspects and types of hospice organizations.

Whether you are investigating the feasibility of entry into the hospice market or want to maximize your
organization's performance, we can assist you by creating a consulting plan that meets the unique needs
of your organization.

Hospice consulting services include:

* Feasibility of hospice programs and/or inpatient facility/unit

* Evaluation of opportunities including purchase, joint venture/strategic alliance or start up

* Due diligence of key operational and financial functions

* Operational/financial analysis

* Strategic planning

* Regulatory and compliance

* Individualized educational and training workshops

The size, expertise and commitment of our uniquely qualified consulting staff assure the delivery of industry insights and innovative yet practical solutions. The depth and breadth our experience allows us to successfully meet your objectives and expectations. Once you become a client of Simione Consultants, you gain access to our entire staff of industry leading consultants.

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